5 free plugins that make Netflix so much better

Best Netflix Movies 2018

This has been a fantastic year for Netflix in so many ways. The quality of the company’s original movies, series, and specials is now off the charts, to the point where we’ve lost count of how many awards Netflix won in 2018. The service’s subscriber numbers continued to grow despite a recent price increase at the end of the year in 2017, and Netflix is showing no signs of slowing down in 2019. On the software side of things, Netflix also rolled out a number of nice updates this past year, which is nice because app interfaces might be the only real complaint some people have about the service.

With Netflix’s latest user interface, it’s much easier to access key features like playlists and recent additions to the Netflix content catalog. Of course there’s still plenty of room for improvement, and in this post we’ll show you five different free plugins that will have a dramatic impact on your Netflix watching experience.

Because Netflix is so popular, it gets plenty of attention from third-party developers. It’s impossible for a company to cater to all of its users, of course, so third-party developer support means people can enjoy new features that are important to them without disrupting or altering the user experience for everyone else.

Google’s Chrome web browser is the world’s most popular browser, so people when you’re not watching Netflix in an app you’re likely watching in Chrome. Thanks to Google’s fondness of open source projects and the Chrome Web Store, there are a bunch of great Chrome extensions that add all sorts of awesome functionality to enhance Netflix browsing and streaming.

Below, you’ll find five free Chrome plugins that every Netflix user should check out. We’ve got everything covered from Never Ending Netflix, which lets you do things like eliminate the “are you still watching?” prompt and stop previews from autoplaying, to Netflix Party, which lets you sync up with friends around the world and watch Netflix movies or shows at the same time. You’ll find all five extensions below along with their descriptions from the Chrome Web Store.

Never Ending Netflix

Automatically play next episode, skip title sequences, skip “Are you still watching?” prompts, and search over 3000 genres!
NEN is a chrome extension that improves the Netflix experience for power users. It’s features include:

* Automatically skip intros
* Automatically play the next episode OR always watch the credits!
* Skip the popups that ask if you’re “Still here?” after 8 hours
* Search over 3000 genres from the options page!
* Disable auto play of shows on the home page

Download Never Ending Netflix

Super Browse for Netflix

Access Netflix Secret Categories
Super Browse makes Netflix even better!

Super Browse for Netflix adds an additional “Super Browse” button to the Netflix navigation, just next to the Netflix logo. Use this menu to access the best Netflix search tool available. Use the drop down menu to select “Search For People” option if you are searching for an actor, director, or cast menu. Use the “Search for Movies” option if you know the name of the movie you are looking for.

Netflix Super Browse will then search your region, and many other regions, to find you the most relevant results. Currently Super Browse supports the following regions:

Australia, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, United States, United Kingdom.

To change your region, click on Dashboard in the Super Browse menu.

Search results will show any matches from your region and any other regions we support.

Also displayed are the newest releases in your Netflix region. All of them, not just the ones normally highlighted.

The Super Browse menu also displays all content which is expiring soon from your Netflix region. This handy tool is a great way to make sure you do not miss anything on the service you are paying for.

The old pro version functionality is now free. This gives direct access to the 20,000+ secret Netflix Categories, making it much easier to find the content you want.

Search from 20,000 + secret Netflix categories.

See ALL of the new content in your Netflix region, not just the new content made by Netflix.

See all of the content which is about to expire in your Netflix region.

Use the Dashboard to change your Netflix region, for when you travel…

The old pro version is now free. Everyone who paid for the old pro version gets automatically upgraded for free. The new pro version makes Netflix even better.

Download Super Browse for Netflix

Netflix Party

Watch Netflix remotely with friends

Netflix Party is a Chrome extension for watching Netflix remotely with friends, e.g., for movie nights with that long-distance special someone. It synchronizes video playback and adds group chat.

Download Netflix Party


Bilingual Subtitles & Enhanced Experiences for Netflix
全球首款支援 Netflix 全語言雙字幕的 Chrome 擴充套件,提供您更佳的觀影體驗!
Best extension ever to unleash bilingual subtitles on Netflix!

**沒有廣告、完全免費 | FREE & NO ADS**

• 我們做到了!支援全部語言作為第二字幕
• 智慧型選擇:看日本動畫自動顯示日語
• 整合原生播放介面選單,切換語言不違和
• 提供即時預覽的設定介面
• 順便啟用了 1080p 高畫質播放 🙂
• 也順便做了播放速度調整(按 [ 和 ] 鍵)

• Full language support (including Japanese, Russian, …) for the secondary subtitles
• Smart enough to match the secondary subtitles to audio tracks
• Seamlessly integrated with native player menu — switch subtitles in one place
• Fantastic pop-up settings menu with live preview (during movie playback)
• By the way, we also unleash 1080p playback… 🙂
• Oh… one more thing, adjust the playback rate by pressing [ and ] keys

Download NflxMultiSubs

Super Netflix

Change video quality, Control video speed, Upload custom subtitles and much more – Make Your Experience on Netflix More Enjoyable.

Read more here:

Netflix removes secret menu from netflix


== If you have any problems with Super Netflix or did you discover any bugs or you have any new ideas to improve Super Netflix?

Please visit subflicks.uservoice.com And we will answer you as fast as we can, we don’t answer any questions or provide help on chrome store review tab.

======Super Netflix========
===Full List of Features===

*NEW* Video speed rate option (from 0.5 to 4x faster).
It helps when you watching a slow movie, speed it up or if you learning a new language using Netflix you can watch in slow motion now.

Streaming Video Quality ⚠️⚠️NOT WORKING FOR NOW⚠️⚠️
—– Change Video bitrate to play Higher Quality.
—– Auto Choose Video Quality -bitrate-
—– Accept Multiple Qualities(Changes automatically according to your internet speed).

Netflix binge-watching without Spoilers
—– blurred images and episode descriptions, watch TV series without any Spoilers.

Auto Skip Intro Automatically
—– from options page you can choose to skip intros Automatically

Upload Custom subtitles.
—– Support Any Language.
—– Convert and Search for Subtitles in SubFlicks.com

Five modes to change brightness, saturation, and contrast
—– Normal (Default by Netflix)
—– Bright
—– Brighter
—– Night
—– Late Night
—– Black and White

Changing Netflix Streaming Server (If Streaming is slow try another Netflix server).

Control Volume with the mouse wheel.

Show Streaming Info (For Geeks and Nerds ^_^).

Hide Forced Subtitles (Press H or V to toggle the subtitles Hide/Show)

Shortcut with your mouse.
—– Center Click Opens Changer Panel for Video Quality and Streaming Server.
—– Right Click Opens Streaming Info Panel.

Download Super Netflix