Kanye West: I’ve Been Used! Eff You, Politics!

Kanye West is outta there, people.

As you may have heard over the past severak weeks, West has been a proud supporter of Donald Trump.

He’s worn a MAGA hat in public. He’s ranted on SNL . He’s even met with Donald Trump in the Oval Office .

But now Kanye says he’s finished with politics. He’s done. He’s sick of the whole thing.

What changed? What happened? Why does he now feel this way?

Scroll down to get caught up on the whole sordid story…

1. Make America Kanye Again!

Kanye in the oval
West has spent the past several weeks touting how awesome Trump is, even hugging the President in the White House and say he loves him. For real. This happened.

2. Screw My Race!

Kanye with trump
West has said slavery is a choice. He’s said we should abolish the 14th amendment and perhaps bring this practice back. He’s betrayed his race at every turn.

3. And Also His Wife

Kanye with passion
Numerous sources have said that Kim Kardashian has considered leaving West as a result of this MAGA madness.

4. And Yet… West Has Carried On!

Mr maga
Until now.

5. So, What Changed?

Kanye in the white house
In a Tweet storm on October 30, 2018, Kanye said he was going to distance himself from the political arena because he’s sick and tired of being used by those in the arena.

6. We’ll Let Him Explain…

Listen to me jared
Strap in, folks. Kanye is about to go full-on Kanye…

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